Jeffrey Yarbrough

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From his days as a roving restaurateur to his current work leading PR clients to extensive accolades and booming business, Jeffrey Yarbrough has achieved unequivocal success in all aspects of the hospitality industry. How does he do it? An entrepreneur and expert networker by nature, Yarbrough shares with his clients the real life experience he gained from running his own businesses.

Don’t just take our word for it. Yarbrough’s knowledge of public relations tactics, media relations and the hospitality industry has warranted bigInk PR’s recognition as one of Dallas Business Journal’s Top 25 public relations companies in Dallas/Fort Worth.

His first entertainment accomplishment (Concept Nouveau, Inc.) was Dallas’ original four-clubs-in-one complex, including Art Bar, Blind Lemon, Club Clearview and Red. Its diverse club settings, friendly atmosphere and service, and creative marketing campaigns made the complex a role model for nightclub establishments throughout the nation.

Jeffrey’s innovative entrepreneurial spirit led him to launch Liberty Noodles in 1998, the first pan-Asian noodle house in Texas. Liberty Noodles opened on Lower Greenville in Dallas, and the whimsically chic restaurant received rave reviews. As if that isn’t enough, Yarbrough also co-wrote the nationally distributed “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Asian Cooking” with Liberty Noodles Founding Chef Annie Wong.

In 2004, Jeffrey took his knowledge of the hospitality industry– and all the booms that come with it — and opened bigInk, using his experience to help other restaurateurs and business owners avoid painful mistakes and reach sweeping success.
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Jeffrey Yarbrough leads by example, not only in business, but in his ability to balance work with a busy family life as a husband and the father of triplets.

In 2016, the Texas Restaurant Association inducted Jeffrey into the Hall of Honor. A long standing Texas Restaurant Association tradition, outstanding individuals are inducted to the Hall of Honor each year to recognize their significant contribution to the Texas restaurant industry and to the association. www.restaurantville.com

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