PR Strategies

Public Relations Strategies

Need a jolt to your business? bigInk will develop an innovative public relations campaign that increases awareness among a targeted audience through media interaction, community involvement and industry networking.

 New Product LaunchesNew Venue & Product Launches

bigInk specializes in new venues, new concepts, and new products. Work with us for a launch that will forever engrave your name in the minds of customers, notable taste makers, and most importantly, the press. Reaching the right people – with the right information – at the right time – for the right result.




Special Events & Promotions

Whether you’re offering a special menu, celebrating an anniversary, hosting a charity event, or just creating a great excuse for a good time, bigInk will put your event at the top of local listings and fill your venue with paying customers and curious journalists with cameras.

 photoInterview Prep & Media Training

What good is a great interview with your target TV station, newspaper or magazine without a clue of what to say and how to say it? With bigInk’s experience in both planned and improvised interviews across all media channels, you can rely on the experts to help you share your message with eloquence and poise to create a positive brand image for successful exposure.

 Marketing CollateralMarketing Collateral Development

Flyers, newsletters, gift certificates, biographies and press kits…so much to do, so little time. We know firsthand how hard it is to successfully run a business, and finding time to get everything done is nearly impossible. You’re here to manage your restaurant or company. Let us handle the marketing collateral. 

 Real EstateReal Estate Services

With licensed brokers in the state of Texas, we serve both the restaurateur and the real estate developer. We can help relocate or expand your business, as well as fill your shopping center with the appropriate mix of hospitality. For more information, visit



BH Square

Auction Services

We can help you liquidate your business or auction your hospitality real estate property smoothly and effectively. We have employees with extensive experience successfully marketing auction properties and getting sellers a fair closing price. For more information, visit