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May 23, 2017 Comments Off on Tips from the bigInk Team


Thanks to our friends at the National Restaurant News we have this amazing hiring tip for y’all! Hiring process is almost like art and it’s also one of the hardest decisions you will have to make. The people you hire will be fulfilling the dream and vision you have for your establishment so you want to get it right!

  • First, a great resume will get people in the door but being able to immediately gauge personality will get the right employees hired.
  • Second, ask personal questions. It’s important to get to know candidate’s interest and hobbies. You want to hire people with passion to hospitality, so they will be welcoming to all your guests
  • Third, make sure potential employees speak with fluidity, confidence and use eye contact. Also, longevity at previous jobs is super important that way you know they are reliable and won’t quit a couple weeks in.
  • Finally, before hiring all managers need to agree on the candidate.


We are happy to announce that the catering business/real estate property located in Red Oak, Texas has a signed purchase contract and closing is currently scheduled for June 1, 2017. I know the sellers are very happy to see their multi-generational business and property go to capable hands as our buyers.

We also identified a tenant for our 971 S Lamar listing.  After umpteen jillion inquiries the landlord has finally made his decision.  Keep tuned and find out who it is!

Just as one catering facility is taken off the block, we put another on.  Beyond the Box recently moved to their new facility in West Dallas by leaving smaller, but perfectly appointed catering kitchen behind.

At this time, we have only one hard corner available for lease in Deep Ellum. 3100 Main, at the intersection of Main and Hall Streets, is a 2,500SF, single story building that has now become available.  Perfect timing considering Westdale Property Management is just beginning to finish construction of their new 17 STORY, that’s right a 17 story high rise in Deep Ellum, apartment building which is scheduled for Summer occupancy.

To find out more about this spaces listed above contact us on our website www.biginkpr.com/contact/, call 214-485-7300 or email Michael@biginkre.com.


If you have a warehouse full of old restaurant equipment or anything you need to get rid of, turn it into cash!

Call us at OIG Auctions (469) 310-1920 or visit www.oig.com/auctions and we will come check it out and see what we can do for you!

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